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Dataset: Maungaharuru Tangitu Trust Statutory Acknowledgement Areas
Provided by Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Updated 16 Jan 2022

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Dataset summary

The dataset on this page is a cache of the dataset It is a snapshot of the dataset as it appeared on 19 Jan 2022 15:41 GMT. The current dataset could have changed in the meantime. Attribution: Contains information provided by New Zealand Government licensed under the CC Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Maungaharuru-Tangitu Hapu statutory acknowledgement areas. A statutory acknowledgement is a formal recognition made by the Crown of a claimant groups particular cultural, spiritual, historical and traditional association with a specific area (statutory area) owned by the Crown. Statutory acknowledgements relate to specific areas of importance (known as statutory areas) to a claimant group and affects processes under the Resource Management Act, including applications for resource consents and local authority responsibilities. Council must have regard to statutory acknowledgements subject to the provision of Part II of the RMA, provide resource consent applications to relevant iwi and record statutory acknowledgement in statutory plans. See Schedule 1A of the RRMP.Can be used in determining affected/interested parties.

Dataset:Maungaharuru Tangitu Trust Statutory Acknowledgement Areas
Provider:Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Licence:License information is derived automatically. Refer to source for license information before using this data.
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Country:New Zealand

Dataset resources

"Maungaharuru Tangitu Trust Statutory Acknowledgement Areas" contains the following resources:


Previews contain a maximum 5 rows.

Rows: 25

1Boundary S...201-10&46Tatai Tuap...33075.5760...8076836.31...
2Bellbird B...201-11&47Tatai Tuap...9107.57816...1806466.39...
3Tutira Dom...201-12Tatai Tuap...16532.6472...376385.064...
4Earthquake...201-13Tatai Tuap...17528.5977...1672656.43...
5Moeangiang...201-14Tatai Tuap...12011.3958...1285246.79...

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