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Dataset: Meteorological data collected at English Short Rotation Coppice (Intensive) sites
Provided by Forestry Commission
Updated 19 Mar 2020

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The dataset on this page is a cache of the dataset It is a snapshot of the dataset as it appeared on 28 Mar 2021 22:13 GMT. The current dataset could have changed in the meantime. Attribution: Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

As a result of high oil prices in the mid-1970s, many European and Scandinavian countries initiated research programmes investigating fuel production from energy crops. Initial studies were aimed at identifying suitable crop systems. One of the systems tested involved planting coppicing tree species at high densities (around 10,000 stools per hectare) and harvesting above ground growth every two to five years. This system was termed Short Rotation Coppice (SRC). In the UK, numerous coppicing tree species were tested using this system (Potter, 1990). Examples include Salix viminalis clones, Populus interamericana clones, Eucalyptus archeri, Alnus cordata, and Northofagus procera. Willow and poplar clones emerged favourably from these trials, producing high yields without succumbing to disease or frost. Other research programmes concentrated on developing harvesting, processing and power generation equipment that could cope with biomass produced by a variety of crop systems including SRC...

Dataset:Meteorological data collected at English Short Rotation Coppice (Intensive) sites
Provider:Forestry Commission
Licence:License information is derived automatically. Refer to source for license information before using this data.
UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
Country:United Kingdom

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