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Dataset: Reported annual fishing effort from Commonwealth fisheries logbooks
Provided by Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Updated 30 Jun 2020

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Dataset summary

The dataset on this page is a cache of the dataset It is a snapshot of the dataset as it appeared on 08 Jul 2021 11:53 GMT. The current dataset could have changed in the meantime. Attribution: Contains information provided by Australian Government licensed under the CC Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU).

While at sea, Commonwealth fishers must record all catch and effort in their AFMA daily fishing logbooks. This dataset shows the annual fishing effort that fishers have recorded in their logbooks for Commonwealth fisheries managed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA). The effort data is provided by fishery, by gear, and by calendar year. Location of effort within a fishery is not included. Fishing effort is measured differently depending on the fishing method used. In this dataset we provide the most common measures that are used by scientists. Appropriate use and limitations of the data == The effort data in logbooks are estimates which have been recorded by fishers while at sea. AFMA uses effort data in combination with logbook catch, spatial data, and other relevant information (such as independent surveys) to inform stock assessments. You will need to be careful when interpreting trends in this data because there are many factors that can affect effort each year....

Dataset:Reported annual fishing effort from Commonwealth fisheries logbooks
Provider:Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Licence:License information is derived automatically. Refer to source for license information before using this data.
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia

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annual-logbook-effort-data-29-06-2020.csvCommonwealth fishing effort
Rows: 401

FisheryGearYearNumber of BoatsNumber of ShotsHours TrawledHours FishedNumber of HooksLength GillnetHours SearchedNumber of JigsNumber of TrapsData Source
BSCZSFScallop dr...2002226597Logbook
BSCZSFScallop dr...200336218655602Logbook
BSCZSFScallop dr...20041457681423Logbook
BSCZSFScallop dr...2005112472677Logbook
BSCZSFScallop dr...200926154623947Logbook

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