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Dataset: Car fleet (Linz)
Provided by Stadt Linz
Updated 21 Jul 2020

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Dataset summary

The dataset on this page is a cache of the dataset It is a snapshot of the dataset as it appeared on 06 Jul 2021 17:59 GMT. The current dataset could have changed in the meantime. Attribution: Contains information © European Union licensed under reuse policy of the European Commission.

Stocks of motor vehicles by type of motor vehicle. Source: Statistics Austria Comments: Data as of: 31 each. 12. Multiple (three-wheel) mopeds and quadricycles Light vehicles Including motor reirers by 2005 motor tricycles and quadricycles Motor cars Self-propelled machinery (including other motor vehicles) Including light motorcycles by 1999 and motor reirers by Self-propelled machinery (including other motor vehicles) Statistik Austria, in 2002, data cross-checked with the population of the association of policyholders Austria (VVO) Including light motorcycles and motor reirders Self-propelled machinery (including other motor vehicles)

Dataset:Car fleet (Linz)
Provider:Stadt Linz
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