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Dataset: Climate Change Maps for a Species Perspective
Provided by Department of the Interior
Updated 12 Nov 2020

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These maps indicate the magnitude of multivariate climate change using the standardized Euclidean distance (SED). This metric allows the magnitude of climate change to be analyzed with respect to historical interannual variability for each climate variable. Standardizing climate change in this way allows multiple climate variables with different units to be combined into a single index, but more importantly, it places the magnitude of projected change in the perspective of what species have had to tolerate over recent history. These maps are based on multiple climate models ( CanESM2, MIROC5, MIROC_ESM_CHEM, and MRI_CGCM3 climate models ) for the periods 2035-2064 and 2070-2099 and are based on bioclimatic variables and seasonal climate variables..

Dataset:Climate Change Maps for a Species Perspective
Provider:Department of the Interior
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