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Dataset: Budget Consultation
Provided by City of York Council
Updated 9 Dec 2021

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Dataset summary

The dataset on this page is a cache of the dataset It is a snapshot of the dataset as it appeared on 19 Jan 2022 13:46 GMT. The current dataset could have changed in the meantime. Attribution: Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence.

City of York Council carries out budget consultations asking residents of York to complete a questionnaire giving them the opportunity to put forward their views to help the council make decisions and deliver budgets. The responses are published here.

Dataset:Budget Consultation
Provider:City of York Council
Licence:License information is derived automatically. Refer to source for license information before using this data.
UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
Country:United Kingdom

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Budget Consultation 2016/17 - Answers2016/17 Budget Consultation redacted individual responses
Rows: 416

RespondentIdCollectionMethodStartDateEndDateWardQ1_Increased council tax levelsQ1_Increased chargesQ1_Provided fewer servicesQ2_Parking_Currently use serviceQ2_Parking_Willing to pay moreQ2_Household and bulky waste collection_Currently use serviceQ2_Household and bulky waste collection_Willing to pay moreQ2_Planning services_Currently use serviceQ2_Planning services_Willing to pay moreQ2_Use of swimming pools_Currently use serviceQ2_Use of swimming pools_Willing to pay moreQ2_Use of sports centres_Currently use serviceQ2_Use of sports centres_Willing to pay moreQ2_Use of public toilets_Currently use serviceQ2_Use of public toilets_Willing to pay moreQ2_Community centres_Currently use serviceQ2_Community centres_YesQ2_Adult education courses_Currently use serviceQ2_Adult education courses_Willing to pay moreQ2_Home care fees_Currently use serviceQ2_Home care fees_Willing to pay moreQ3_Childrens social care services fundingQ3_Adults social care services fundingQ3_Services for young people fundingQ3_Housing and homelessness fundingQ3_Libraries fundingQ3_Theatres and museums fundingQ3_Parks and open spaces fundingQ3_Sport and leisure facilities events and activities fundingQ3_Support for schools fundingQ3_Waste and recycling fundingQ3_Street cleaning fundingQ3_Crime prevention and community safety fundingQ3_Road and footpath maintenance fundingQ3_Funding for public transport fundingQ3_Stimulating the economy eg creating jobs fundingQ3_Public Health fundingPlease give us your comments
4457696446Online01/20/2016...01/20/2016...Dringhouse...YesYesUseYesUseNoUseYesUseNoIncreasedIncreasedSameIncreasedSameIncreasedIncreasedSameIncreasedSameSameSameSameIncreasedReducedIncreasedWe have a ...
4457677337Online01/20/2016...01/20/2016...Fulford an...YesUseNoUseNoUseYesUseNoIncreasedIncreasedSameIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedSameIncreasedIncreased
4457470387Online01/20/2016...01/20/2016...Haxby and ...YesUseYesUseYesUseYesUseYesIncreasedIncreasedSameIncreasedSameSameSameSameIncreasedSameSameIncreasedSameSameSameIncreasedI would li...

Budget Consultation 2017/18 - Answers2017/18 Budget Consultation redacted individual responses
Rows: 1339

RespondentIDStartDateEndDateQ1_I am answering this survey as a:Q2_Increased council tax levelsQ2_Increased chargesQ2_Provided fewer servicesQ3_Do you support an increase in council tax to fund adult social care and by how much?Q4_Childrens social care servicesQ4_Adults social care services fundingQ4_Services for young people eg youth clubs, careers advice fundingQ4_Housing and homelessness fundingQ4_Libraries fundingQ4_Theatres and museums fundingQ4_Parks and open spaces fundingQ4_Sport and leisure facilities, events and activities fundingQ4_Support for schools fundingQ4_Waste and recycling fundingQ4_Street cleaning fundingQ4_Crime prevention and community safety fundingQ4_Road and footpath maintenance fundingQ4_Funding for public transport fundingWardAny further comments on the budget
607258989701/26/2017...01/26/2017...ResidentIncreased ...I support ...IncreasedIncreasedSameSameIncreasedSameSameSameIncreasedIncreasedSameSameSameIncreasedGuildhallMake a red...
607258834901/26/2017...01/26/2017...ResidentIncreased ...I support ...SameIncreasedSameSameSameSameSameSameSameSameIncreasedSameSameSameHull RoadLitter and...
607258660201/26/2017...01/26/2017...ResidentIncreased ...I do not s...IncreasedSameSameSameReducedReducedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedSameReducedReducedSameReducedOsbaldwick...Bus sizes ...
607258512501/26/2017...01/26/2017...ResidentIncreased ...I do not s...SameSameSameSameIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedSameSameWestfieldMore commu...
607258410901/26/2017...01/26/2017...ResidentIncreased ...I support ...SameSameReducedIncreasedSameReducedSameSameSameSameIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedSameDringhouse...

Budget Consultation 2018/19 - Answers2018/19 Budget Consultation redacted individual responses
Rows: 828

Respondent IDCollector IDStart DateEnd DateQ1_I am answering this survey:Q3_Increased council tax levelsQ3_Increased charges for servicesQ3_Provided fewer servicesQ3_Provided services more efficiently by working differentlyQ4_Do you support an increase in council tax to fund adult social care and by how much?Q5_Maintenance of council housesQ5_Maintenance and development of highways and infrastructure assetsQ5_Maintenance and refurbishment of council premisesQ5_Maintenance of historic assets and facilitiesQ5_Maintenance and refurbishment of parks, play areas and librariesQ5_Maintenance and development of leisure facilitiesQ5_Maintenance and upkeep of schoolsQ5_Maintenance and development of IT systems to support frontline servicesQ5_Investment in the commercial property portfolioQ5_Various regeneration initiativesQ5_Flood defence measuresQ5_Renewable energy to reduce council and city energy billsQ6_Do you have any further comments on capital investment?Q7_Children’s social care servicesQ7_Adult’s social care servicesQ7_Services for young people eg youth clubs, careers adviceQ7_Housing and homelessnessQ7_LibrariesQ7_Parks and open spacesQ7_Sport and leisure facilities, events and activitiesQ7_Support for schoolsQ7_Waste and recyclingQ7_Street cleaningQ7_Crime prevention and community safetyQ7_Road and footpath maintenanceQ7_Funding for public transportQ8_Supported employment workshops and offering customers work experience in other settingsQ8_Commissioned contracted services offering a range of support which are considered critical in delivering our early intervention and prevention approachQ8_Early intervention and prevention contractsQ8_Emergency Planning; this is already at minimum levels required to plan and co-ordinate our response to significant eventsQ8_Community Safety including management and delivery of our response to anti social behaviourQ9_Re-design adult social care services to reduce the number of customers accessing care, which in turn will affect the size of the assessment and care management function needed to support customersQ9_Explore opportunities for joint working with Health colleaguesQ9_Simplify and standardise practice and process, sharing best practiceQ9_Use technology to increase the amount of time our staff spend supporting residentsQ9_Encourage self assessment so customers can determine for themselves whether they are likely to be eligible for servicesQ9_Review existing contracts to determine if efficiencies can be made by retendering, commissioning with Health or through other opportunitiesQ9_In-house small day services reviewed and remodelledQ9_Reviewing the management of YorHome (our social lettings agency) and management of housing stock on behalf of housing associationsQ9_A saving from undertaking work on empty homes for other councilsQ9_Look to externally trade our housing repairs service to deliver incomeQ10_Do you have any further comments on services in Health, Housing and Adult Social Care?Q11_Education Psychology; the statutory assessment service for Special Educational Needs (SEN) childrenQ11_Children’s social care services; reductions to social care staffing levels have been ruled out as this may place vulnerable children at riskQ11_Early intervention fund; a range of small grants to voluntary sector organisations who support Children and Young People Plan prioritiesQ11_Investment in the ‘Troubled Families’ programme to ensure we achieve our payment by results targetQ11_Core grant funding to organisations such as Citizen’s Advice, Council for Voluntary Services and Welfare Benefits UnitQ11_Ward Committee fundingQ12_Restructure the childcare strategy team, focused on delivering our statutory duty to ensure sufficient places in early years provision, to avoid duplication of work and reflect changes in government policyQ12_Savings in the early years learning and welfare team, which provides support and advice to schools (private and voluntary settings), as schools and other early years providers can commission and fund services directlyQ12_Review of Home to School transport provisionQ12_Support the development of local specialist foster carer capacity to ’Make York Home' for most of our looked after childrenQ12_Develop alternative provision that provides targeted specialist care for children with the most complex needs to support them in the long term care of their familiesQ12_Reduction in the York Museums Trust (YMT) grant contributionQ12_Re-tendering the library serviceQ13_Do you have any further comments on services in Children, Education and Communities?Q14_In legal services; work relating to childcareQ14_In financial procedures; financial assessments for vulnerable adultsQ14_Core statutory services such a financial accounts and legal workQ14_Information Governance e.g. FOI’s and Data ManagementQ15_Reduction in staffing and general efficiencies across servicesQ15_Opportunities to generate additional income through West OfficesQ16_Do you have any further comments on services in Customer and Corporate Services?Q17_Maintain current levels of charges and services for domestic waste customersQ17_Maintain current levels of charges and opening times for services operating from Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)Q17_As a Lead Local Flood Authority under the Flood and Water Management Act, we are required to deliver a range of responsibilities for flood risk managementQ17_The Highways budget for day to day maintenance e.g. potholes, gully emptying and bridge maintenanceQ17_The Winter Maintenance (gritting) budgetQ17_The Dial and Ride service; public transport provision for the most vulnerable in societyQ17_School crossing patrolsQ17_The Concessionary Fares scheme will remain unchangedQ17_The current level of subsidised bus services will be maintainedQ18_Significant capital investment within Highways to slow down deterioration of the network and implement new working practices/technology to undertake repairsQ18_Review waste rounds to ensure collections are as efficient as possibleQ18_Use external providers and, where possible, share staff resources with other councils in Public Protection, Planning, Development Management, Building Control and Highway regulationQ18_Increase car parking charges which are a key income generator providing revenue for Highways and Transport expenditureQ18_Investigate potential sites where civil (camera) enforcement of bus lanes would reduce delays to public transportQ18_Seek opportunities for further grants - gaining external funding for discretionary transport expenditureQ18_Increase community involvement to facilitate a reduction in grounds maintenance and cleansing budgets by transferring spaces to community managementQ18_Reduce the grant to Make it York (MIY) over time as we expect MIY to deliver additional income streams and efficienciesQ18_Radical review of assets to potentially rationalise, generate additional income and achieve additional capital receiptsQ19_Do you have any further comments on services in Economy and Place?Q20_Would you be willing to volunteer to maintain an existing service?Q21_If yes, in which area would you be most interested and willing to volunteer?Q23_If you have any further suggestions about how we could save money or generate income please give details below:Q24_Equity and local economyQ24_Health and happinessQ24_Culture and heritageQ24_Zero carbonQ24_Zero wasteQ24_Sustainable transportQ24_Sustainable materialsQ24_Sustainable waterQ24_Local and sustainable foodQ24_Land use and wildlifeQ25_Your age: (please select the appropriate range)Q26_Do you consider yourself to be disabled?Q27_Physical impairmentQ27_Sensory impairmentQ27_Mental health conditionQ27_Learning disabilityQ27_Long-standing illness or health conditionQ28_Your Gender:Q29_Are you a carer?Q30_Have you served in the Armed Forces or are you a dependent of someone who has/is?
658402941716502421514/12/2017...14/12/2017...As a resid...Increased ...Provided s...I support ...AgreeAgreeNeitherNeitherAgreeNeitherAgreeNeitherDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeBus interc...SameSameIncreasedSameSameIncreasedSameSameSameSameIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedAgreeNeitherNeitherAgreeNeitherNeitherAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherAgreeAgreeNeitherAgreeNeitherNeitherAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeNeitherNeitherNeitherAgreeNeitherAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherNeitherAgreeDisagreeNeitherAgreeAllow pede...NoZero carbo...Zero wasteSustainabl...
658401655116502421514/12/2017...14/12/2017...As a resid...Increased ...I support ...AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeNeitherAgreeAgreeIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeThe averag...AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeNoHealth and...Zero carbo...Sustainabl...
658400672416502421514/12/2017...14/12/2017...As a resid...Provided s...I support ...DisagreeAgreeDisagreeNeitherAgreeNeitherAgreeDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedIncreasedSameIncreasedSameSameSameSameSameSameReducedDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherDisagreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeNoThis form ...
658400252116502421514/12/2017...14/12/2017...As a resid...Increased ...I support ...NeitherAgreeNeitherAgreeNeitherDisagreeAgreeNeitherDisagreeAgreeDisagreeSameIncreasedSameSameSameSameSameSameSameSameSameSameSameDisagreeAgreeNeitherDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeNeitherDisagreeAgreeAgreeNeitherDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeNeitherAgreeNeitherAgreeDisagreeNeitherNeitherAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeNoEquity and...Culture an...Zero waste
658399855816502421514/12/2017...14/12/2017...As a resid...Increased ...I support ...AgreeAgreeNeitherAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeSameIncreasedSameIncreasedSameSameIncreasedIncreasedSameSameSameSameSameAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherNeitherDisagreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherAgreeNeitherNeitherAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNeitherNeitherAgreeAgreeDisagreeNeitherDisagreeEquity and...Health and...Zero carbo...

Budget Consultation 2019/20 - Online Budget Slider Answers2019/20 Budget Consultation redacted individual responses
Rows: 116

5.00%council tax is low compared to house prices1.50%we need to keep ahead, otherwise there will be debt5.00%5.00%why encourage cars? Everything else seems to be un-competitive with commercial rates, you are not a charity.5.00%-5.00%5.00%seem to have a decent set of schools, but the community bit is lacking in all but the most organised villages. Get charities to work collectively to solve this, instead of siloed work on their specialist interest. Many opportunities to pass cost on through contracts where a charity has transferable capabilities to train/educate, etc.-5.00%0.00%-5.00%-10.00%leave it to the police and nhs-15.00%5.00%-10.00%-10.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%-15.00%10.00%increase opportunities for income, and reduce cost of litigation from road users. Pass cost of waste to the producer, and also sell reusable items from the dumps. Instead of letting the employees host ebay shops, why not turn their entrepreneurial spirit into cash generation? Pass the cost of food hygiene to a new Guild, where members benefit like the scoring from better trade, allowing the council to concentrate on the worst offenders instead of inspecting everything. Use other service like the community service to do early morning cleaning/collection of rubbish, etc.-5.00%Still not competitive with commercial sector, automation, collaboration with other councils could reduce the expenditure through better purchasing/ROI and ensuring efficient use of staff. -5.00%5.00%5.00%0.00%5.00%-5.00%10.00%5.00%Use private investors, or a commercial arm to develop income, while reducing cost, and ensuring the tourist keep coming (as long as we tax the businesses correctly for that expenditure)103.25%97.99%You need someone to look for opportunities in current contracts, or a part of any outreach or community funding programs to devolve responsibility to other areas, such as what happens with St Nicolas fields. People should not get a free ride, and there should be more focus on fines, like in Spain. Make money out of your junk, or services that aren't fully utilised.
3.00%tax needs ...0.50%needs more5.00%5.00%-5.00%-10.00%-10.00%-5.00%0.00%-10.00%5.00%-5.00%-5.00%-5.00%-5.00%-5.00%10.00%-5.00%5.00%0.00%-5.00%-5.00%-5.00%-10.00%-10.00%0.00%-5.00%-5.00%-10.00%101.75%96.17%
0.00%council ta...0.00%5.00%5.00%-10.00%-10.00%-10.00%-5.00%-5.00%-5.00%0.00%-10.00%-5.00%5.00%-10.00%-10.00%-5.00%-10.00%-5.00%0.00%-10.00%-5.00%-5.00%5.00%5.00%-5.00%-5.00%5.00%10.00%100.00%93.55%

Budget Consultation 2019/20 - Paper Survey Answers2019/20 Budget Consultation redacted individual responses
Rows: 155

ResponseResponseChildren, Education and CommunitiesHealth, Housing and Adult Social CareRoads, waste and economyCorporate ServicesMaintenance and development of highways and infrastructure assetsMaintenance of historic assets and facilitiesMaintenance and refurbishment of parks, play areas and librariesMaintenance and upkeep of schoolsMaintenance and development of IT systems to support frontline servicesFlood defence measuresRenewable energy to reduce council and city energy billsBuild more Social Housing - accommodation that is affordable to people on low incomesResponseResponseResponseResponse
3.00%1.50%IncreasedSameIncreasedReducedPriority 3Priority 2Priority 1SameSameLook for a...Look for a...
3.00%1.50%SameIncreasedIncreasedPriority 3Priority 2Priority 1IncreaseSameLook for a...Look for a...
2.00%1.00%IncreasedIncreasedIncreasedSamePriority 1Priority 3Priority 2SameSameLook for a...Look for a...
2.00%1.00%IncreasedSameReducedPriority 2Priority 1Priority 3ReduceSameLook for a...Look for a...
1.00%1.00%SameSameIncreasedReducedPriority 3Priority 2Priority 1SameReduceHappy with...Look for a...

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