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Dataset: Violence Reduction - Shotspotter Alerts
Provided by City of Chicago
Updated 11 Dec 2021

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Dataset summary

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This dataset contains all ShotSpotter alerts since the introduction of ShotSpotter to some Chicago Police Department (CPD) districts in 2017. ShotSpotter is a gunshot detection system designed to automatically determine the location of potential outdoor gunfire. ShotSpotter audio sensors are placed in several CPD districts throughout the city (specific districts are noted below). If at least three sensors detect a sound that the ShotSpotter software determines to be potential gunfire, a location is determined and the alert is sent to human ShotSpotter analysts for review. Either the alert is sent to CPD, or it is dismissed. Each alert can contain multiple rounds of gunfire; sometimes there are multiple alerts for what may be determined to be one incident. More detail on the technology and its accuracy can be found on the companys website here. It should also be noted that ShotSpotter alerts may increase year-over-year while gun violence did not necessarily increase accordingly because ...

Dataset:Violence Reduction - Shotspotter Alerts
Provider:City of Chicago
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Country:United States of America

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